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World Class Facilites

Membership has never been easier. Come along to the club and Fill in our application form, Pay your fee, Check out our rules, Receive a health and safety talk and tour, Start training

Expert Coaches

Our Fully Trained Coaches are always available to help guide you through your traing, they can answer any questions from eating properly to making sure you get enough rest

Annual Membership

Annual membershipo start from only £35 per year and £20 for under 16 year olds.


Yes All facilities are available to all members

The gym is open all day with specific time available for the various classes throughout the week

Yes there is facility to work with personal coaches by prior arrangement

Yes we welcome kids into our gym. The younger they start the better, tests have shown that good training and exercise for kids from a young age promotes  good health and long life.

Membership is paid annually and is non refundable. Cancel your membership simply by notifying a member of staff

Book a place in the class by simply turning up. Times are posted in the gym and Facebook as to the weeks sessions available, changes can occur depending on boxing matches and tournaments

Yes of course as long as they wish to train, everyone is welcome at Glenrothes Boxing Gym

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