Connor Knocks Out Marcis Bumbiers at Caird Hall

Connor law boxed on Saturday at the caird hall in Dundee knocking out Latvian Marcis Bumbiers who had 2 wins 1 loss and 1 draw.
Connor started the 1st round very eager cracking Marcis with two straight left hands knocking the Latvians head backwards to the wows of the crowd. Marcis grabbed hold of connor very quickly to stop him picking him off at long distance. As the 2nd round started Marcis come out all guns blazing Connor side stepped him and dropped him to the canvas with left and right hooks to the body. Marcis just got to his feet after the eight count, Connor jumped on him again with a straight left hand to the body followed by a crunching left and right hook to the body.
Marcis dropped to the canvas in agony with the referee counting to ten there was no way he was getting up from those thunderous body shots.

Connors record sits at 3 fights with 2 knock outs.
Connor will be in action again in April tbc. then his 5th professional contest in the Gilvenbank hotel Glenrothes on Friday 29th May

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