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Stevie McGuire is the Head coach.

Head Coach Stevie McGuire

Stevie McGuire a local businessman from Glenrothes and is the head coach of the Glenrothes boxing club. He started boxing some 35 years ago at the age of 12 training out of a gym in Yorkshire. Hemsworth ABC

He moved up to Scotland when he was 16 and trained out of Perth and Cardenden. When he was 22 he moved back to England and trained in various clubs in Durham.

He came back to Scotland and continued his amateur national and international career until an accident ended his boxing dreams. He had 3 come back fights 2 of which he won.

Stevie is now a fully Qualified coach with European amateur boxing certificate, Scottish and International qualifications as well as a wealth of experience

He has now built a state of the art purpose-built gym in the south central Glenrothes. He now spends his time encouraging and training professionals, seniors, juniors, school boys and lady fighters.

He has produced over 100 amateur champions at district, Scottish, British, European, level and produced Scottish, Celtic British Titles at a professional level.

photo of Head coach Stevie McGuire

Certified Boxing Coaches at Glenrothes Boxing Club

Glenrothes Boxing Club Coaches

All coaches are Certified Boxing Scotland Coaches

  • Louise Blakely
  • Levi Sweeney
  • A N other

The course itself comprises a mixture of theory and practical elements, where our coaches had study and learn the different methodology on technical and tactical elements of the training process.

Emphasis was put on the new AIBA Technical rules and scoring system, thus ensuring the coaches fully understand the rules in order to pass this along to the boxers and teach them properly.

The course also covered both daily and annual training programming, with the coaches delivering practical elements of their own training programmes.

Levi Sweeney
Levi SweeneyLevi Sweeney Coach
Levi Sweeney is coach at theclub and has been for many years. he started out boxing at a young age. he is a regular atthe club and can be seen encouraging all the young ones

1.From Glenrothes
2.Member 12 years

Louise Blakely
Louise BlakelyCoach
Description Here
1.From Glenrothes
2.Member 2 years
NameDelegate/ Judge
Description here

From Glenrothes
Member 10 years

James Spence
James SpenceDelegate/ Judge
James is the delegate for the club and often does the judging. he is in the process of becoming a referee

From Methil
Member 12 years

Description goes here

From Glenrothes
Member 10 years

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